Vent, by Jessica Hoad

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Artist Jessica Hoad is the creator of ‘Vent’, an experiential installation in which a continuous cycle of air is exchanged between sculptural object and audience.

A large rubber balloon hangs from the ceiling which is connected to a large industrial vent that’s installed onto the gallery wall. As the fan starts air is sucked from the shared gallery space gradually filling the balloon until it inflates to a 7ft voluminous sphere. As the balloon expands the viewer is forced to negotiate the space around them. Eventually the vent expels air and the balloon gradually deflates. This repetition of emptying and refilling tests the strength of the material as it moves towards a whole.


Jessica's current practice focuses on human resilience and how we are shaped through adversity.

'I continue to explore how we connect and disconnect with each other, ourselves and the world around us; the self to the other to itself, space in relation to objects and being’. I am particularly interested in the idea of a surface defining the physical limitations of occupied and unoccupied space, fixed, moveable
or penetrable. Boundaries can divide yet connect the internal and external'.

Jessica is currently a featured artist with the Trans-Siberian Arts centre and will be exhibiting along with other international artists in a postcard exhibition in April travelling from Moscow to Bejing on the Trans-Siberian Express.

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