HBL Analysis: A forager's tabletop

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Cook It Raw, Lapland, 2010

The practice of foraging is enjoying a resurgence, with many restaurants now serving a foraged menu of local ingredients that diners can hunt and gather from, displayed using platters and piles of food served on natural surfaces. As a result of this, consumers are beginning to show an interest in bringing the foraging spirit into the home.

In our latest report, WGSN-homebuildlife investigates tableware for foragers and examines the key approaches taken by chefs and designers to add tactility and meaning to our everyday eating experiences.

Fruit tree by Stephanie Merin

Foraging is at the heart of WGSN’s autumn/winter 2012/13 macro trend Eco Hedonism, which sees consumers inspired to craft a new luxury in parallel with nature.

Translating this mentality to the tabletop, we provide a complete view of the trend - from its roots and meaning to the shapes, materials, gestures, experiences and arrangements which are most important. WGSN-homebuildlife subscribers can read the full report here.