Rosenthal: 50 vases for 50 years

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rosenthal: 1961 (left) to 2011 (right)
To celebrate their 50th anniversary, German design brand Rosenthal have relaunched fifty vases from their archive - with each vase characterising the popular style of that period.

Rosenthal: 1970

It's interesting to observe the general evolution of design over the years: the vases develop from classical, pattern-led designs to much more conceptual ideas, including a vase which appears swept forward by a gust of wind, a milk carton cast in ceramic, and even a vase which appears damaged, with a dangerously cracked surface.

Rosenthal: 1994

The year 2000 onwards sees an emphasis placed on strong, bold forms; it will be even more interesting to see how the vase develops next.

Rosenthal: 2006

All of the vases can be viewed in Rosenthal's online publication.