HBL Analysis: King-Size Beds Outsell Standard Doubles for the First Time

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Headboard by Alexander, Engan bed by Ikea, pillowcases by Ralph Lauren Home. Source: Living Etc, November 2010
Figures from John Lewis and Tesco reveal that king-size beds are outselling double beds for the first time, with consumers favouring a 60-inch width over the standard 54 inches. In the UK, space is becoming increasingly precious, bedrooms are becoming smaller and single living is on the rise. So it is particularly interesting that customers are choosing to sacrifice floor space for bed space.

The Guardian’s Lucy Mangan, speaking on BBC Radio 4 this morning, spoke of the bedroom’s shifting functionality: ‘The boundaries are breaking down and [people] are taking their laptops in there to do some work, they’re watching telly... You need a big bed because it’s become another living room.’

Interior designer Alan Hughes, also speaking on the BBC, said: ‘The balance between function and aesthetics is what actually matters in terms of interior design.’ The bedroom is ‘a space for yourself...a sanctuary.’

This echoes what HomeBuildLife has reported in two recent trend analyses. HBL’s Heloisa Righetto has highlighted the growing trend of the bedroom reverting to its boudoir roots, and writes of the feminine space that the room affords in increasingly hectic lives. In another HBL report, Laura Clèries writes how the financial crisis has prompted us to re-evaluate the demands we place on our internal spaces and describes the bedroom as a haven ‘where we can collect our thoughts and gain focus. The emphasis is on rest, relaxation and healing.’

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