HBL Retail: Crown Paints Colour Influences 2011

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Last week, Crown Paints announced their colour influences for 2011. The palettes are decided by a diverse team of industry experts, invited by Crown to identify the key colour influences for the coming year. Amongst the nine panel members were head of fashion and textiles at the RCA Wendy Dagworthy, furniture designer Tom Price and architect Miles Falkingham. The team identified seven key influences, which will inform the development of the Crown Paints portfolio. See below for details.

"That limey green colour always gets me. I fall in love with it every time I see it. I think it's a great accent colour  to the colour scheme, it's fresh, it's zingy, it's different. You don't need a lot of it to make a statement and the other colours complement it so well. This palette to me feels quite retro but in a unique classic way".
- Lizzie Allen, wallpaper designer

"I love the understated nature and freshness of this range. It has a simple and uncontrived presence that works very well with natural woods and ceramics".
- Tom Price, furniture designer

"A new palette full of provocative glamour that reinvents neutrals on a catwalk brought forward  in time from the sophistication of a lost era. I love these powder tones full of warmth and freshness".
- Neville Knott, colour consultant for crown Ireland and tv personality

 Gold Mine
 "For me this palette combines the very best of earth tones from rich clay greys and red ochres through lustrous coppers, gold and steel, to crealy pale stone".
- Ali Brown, stylist and creative director

Natural Primary
"A Simple palette of 'structural' colour, vibrant, strongly compositional, both contrasting and comforting, invigorating and calming. This palette imitates nature, verdant, earthen and 'red in tooth and claw'".
- Miles Falkingham, architect

"These colours are beautiful on their own, but when put together the palette feels original and distinctive".
- Kathryn Hibberd, garden designer

"The wonder of space and the power of creative dreaming make perfect inspirational partners. The possibilities are endless, the colours are electrifying".
- Jo Baxendale, senior brand manager Crown Paints