Water Shapes: new ideas for the ice lolly

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Staged by Vittorio Venezia and Fab Lab Palermo and hosted by Italian design academy ABADIR (Arts Between Architecture Design & Interdisciplinary Research), the Water Shapes design workshop presented inventive new ideas for the ice lolly, defined simply as a "form supported by a stick".

Over the course of the four-day workshop, more than 20 students, directed by Vittorio Venezia and supported by two young tutors Giorgio Laboratore and Andrea Signoretto, applied new ideas to the icicle.

The design workshop is one of the events that annually precedes the start of Out of the Door, the Master's degree in product design conceived by Vittorio Venezia and Massimo Tepedino, which is now in its second edition.

Recently re-established, ABADIR academy has its headquarters at the slopes of Etna volcano in Sicily.