Patch of Sky: connected lights by Fabrica

Monday, 30 June 2014

Amun in sunny weather conditions

Design research lab Fabrica has created a series of three lamps that show the weather conditions in friends' locations around the world.

Amun in hot weather conditions

Called Patch of Sky, the lights connect to their user's Facebook account to collect location-specific weather data, which is displayed using coloured light animations.

Amun in foggy weather conditions

Warm yellow shows sunny weather, crackling white and blue represents a storm, red-orange sizzles for hot weather, smoky grey clouds over for fog and a sheet of ice-white sets in to evoke freezing weather conditions.


The products connect to the internet using BERGCloud and are each named after Egyptian weather deities - Amun, the god of wind, Tefnut, goddess of rain, and Set, god of storm. They are available in three sizes, for the tabletop or the wall.

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