Silence & Mindfulness dinner in Paris

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

French entrepreneur Coco Brac de la Perrière has been organising Silence & Mindfulness dinners for over a year, but while these confidential affaires have so far been reserved to influent French personalities, she is now making her concept available to the general public. On 30th June, guests will be able to buy tickets for a one-off dinner at the Electric, accepting to embrace conscious silence, in order to reconnect with others and with themselves. 

The idea behind these dinners is to simply pay attention to the experience one is taking part in, without judgement and without pernicious distraction. While the marriage of silence and food may appear contradictory in an epicurean country such as France, these events allow their attendees to focus on the moment more entirely. An opera singer and other interludes of poetic emotion will punctuate the evening. 

"New technologies entertain the illusion of ubiquity, by allowing us to do several things at the same time: read, write, talk, listen... all our sensors are sollicited without us being actually present.  [...] These constant sollicitations, both an external pollution and an interior poison, awaken the need for genuine silence. Perpetual stimulation is a new form of servitude. I started from this statement to propose an unprecedented experience of consciousness, a dinner in silence where thought becomes more intuitive, without judgement, and where the sense of presence is more accute," says Coco Brac de la Perrière.