Live from Milan Design Week: cuckoo clocks on the Duomo's rooftop

Monday, 7 April 2014

Cucù Duomo: l'orologio di Milano is a project by Luca Trazzi and Beatrice Mosca which comprises 150 cuckoo clocks in the shape of Milan's iconic Duomo. The clocks are made of materials used to build the Cathedral, such as wood, glass and iron.

Each piece has a different colour and finishing and the clocks are being exhibited in the Salla delle Colonne of the New Grande Museo del Duomo until April 27. The exhibition also extends to Piazzeta Reale and the Duomo's rooftop, where it is possible to see large-sized versions of the clocks.

The clocks are available to buy, with all the proceeds going to to the Get your Spire campaign, which funds the restoration of the Duomo.