How to reinvent Italian pasta: Mondopasta by Subalterno1

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Uncut by Lanzavecchia + Wai produces a single strand of spaghetti, in the style of Lady and the Tramp

During Milan Design Week, Subalterno1 presented Mondopasta, an exhibition curated by Stefano Maffei which tasked seven designers including Massimiliano AdamiLanzavecchia + Wai and Brian Sironi with the challenge of reinventing one of Italy's most iconic foods.

Stracottoaldente, by Massimiliano Adami with Francesco Tarantino, produces a spaghetti of different thicknesses

The new pasta concepts use irony, wisdom and taste, exploring both pasta as an object, and the processing tools involved in its preparation.

Stracottoaldente by Massimiliano Adami with Francesco Tarantino 

Outcomes include a tattoo machine that can be used to print cuttlefish ink designs onto pasta, and a tool to extrude one long string of spaghetti.

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Zag by Alessandro Stabile is a set of 3D printed cutting wheels to decorate pasta

Photos are by Tecnificio2014.

Nonna-bot by Francesco Bombardi and Marcello Ligabue, a hacked printer for pasta

Uncut by Lanzavecchia + Wai 

Dr.K collection by Claudio Larcher

Brian Sironi and Giulia Tacchini's BiPasta is rich in protein, due to being made with cricket flour

Nigredo by Tecnificio repurposes a professional tattoo machine so you can tattoo your lasagna with cuttlefish ink