Cycling safety lights by Veglo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Veglo has developed and created a range of innovative bike lights which aim to tackle driver’s inability to see cyclists in the hours of darkness. The Commuter X4 is made up of four fibre optic light guides and a projective central light. The light can be worn over the cyclists’ rucksack or placed directly on their back using straps which fit over the shoulders. When the fibre optic setting is switched off, the straps become their own reflectors to car lights. The device is water-resistant, USB rechargeable and durable, adjusting to multiple bag sizes up to 35 litres, and fits over rain covers.

“I’ve seen first hand the dangers of cycling in London and one of the main contributors for the recent accidents has been at night due to poor or minimal visibility in heavy traffic, with drivers failing to notice cyclists. I am hugely excited to be launching these cycle safety products and am confident that these bike lights will make a significant difference to London commuters.” says Veglo founder Ed Ward.

Velgo will be showcasing the Commuter X4 at the British Inventor's project at the Gadget Show Live, from 9-13th April 2014, NEC Birmingham.