1.618 Sustainable Luxury, a forward-thinking platform

Friday, 14 March 2014

BMWi8 by BMW
The 4th edition of 1.618 Sustainable Luxury will take place next month in Paris. Focusing on the creation of a better future in the long-run, the show will present authentic and respectful products which will soon form the new codes of luxury. Highlights will include the BMWi8, the first electric sports car; a solar plane; electric and solar yachts; and some ethically grown oysters.

Pendant light by David Trubridge
New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge will also present a giant installation which visitors will be able to participate in. Trubridge is famous for his lights made of hundreds of wood components, flat-packed, and to be assembled by the user at home. With a packaging fifty times smaller than the final object, the volume of transport is reduced by fifty as well as the energy needed for the goods' delivery.

Supiore Uno

Another area of the event will bring attention to conceptual prospective projects by innovative and visionary thinkers who imagine the optimistic, positive and creative world of tomorrow.

The show will run April 4-6, 2014 at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.

Solar Flight

Seven oysters by Florie Tarbouriech
Falling box sideboard by Minimalist

Bamboo chair by Turrini