Spun: space age sweets in Covent Garden

Friday, 7 February 2014

Photographs by Quintin Lake

Sweet shop Spun has opened in London's Covent Garden, with a design that mixes traditional sweet-making processes with stainless steel, copper pipes and space age geometrics.

Designed by Data Nature Associates, the store's central feature is a window-facing display of pick-and-mix, housed in stainless steel cylinders.

Jo Hammerborg pendant lamps are suspended above the shop's counters, resembling drops of molten chocolate, and a "library of flavours" is installed below the counters, making maximum use of space.

The designers' aim was to create an environment that appealed to all fans of sweets, children and adults alike. Visitors can also watch the products - which include hard rock, sours and butterscotch - being made in store as they shop.