2014 surface collections by Bisazza

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Affresco glass mosaic pattern by Paola Navone

Bisazza has announced two new collections, including designs by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Interiors and Marcel Wanders, as well as innovative mosaics by Paola Navone.

Adelaide Rose glass mosaic pattern by Bisazza Design Studio

The brand has announced the launch of its first two collections of 2014, one in ceramic and the other in a white-body enamel. Acromi and Origini, the ceramic collection designed by Antonio Citterio & Patricia Viel, is new for decorative floorings.

Frozen Garden collection by Marcel Wanders

Frozen Garden comes from Bisazza's long-standing working partnership with Marcel Wanders and is designed for wall cladding. The hexagonal tiles of the black-and-white body enameled collection come in diamond and flower shapes (called Ceramic Crystal and Ceramic Flower Crystal), and can be paired to transform walls into a tactile fabric.

Camee Blue glass mosaic pattern by Bisazza Design Studio

Paola Novone has designed two patterns for the Bisazza Mosaic 2014 Collection. The Affresco pattern is a modern interpretation of a traditional floral d├ęcor, featuring geometric and floral motif, in bright, grainy, surrealistic colors. The second mosaic pattern by Paola Navone, Halo Halo, has a modern style that stands out from other patterns because of its strong take on pop and graffiti art in shades of black and white.

Halo Halo glass mosaic pattern by Paola Navone

Olimpia Dark Grey glass mosaic pattern by Bisazza Design Studio