Urban Inspired: VitrA's new surface collection

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bolshoi: Moscow Inspired porcelain by VitrA

Turkish surfaces brand VitrA has announced its 2014 porcelain collection, which is inspired by six great cities and the materials that shape them.

Pera: Istanbul Inspired porcelain by VitrA

Istanbul inspires Pera, a wood-style porcelain that's available in three patterns, including a relief design that recalls Ottoman tradition.

Piccadilly: London Inspired porcelain by VitrA

For London, it has created Piccadilly, three colours of concrete-style porcelain (white, grey or taupe), poured into a metal frame and patterned with a flower motif.

Samba: Rio De Janeiro Inspired porcelain by VitrA

Rio De Janeiro inspires Samba, which mimics blond, white oak and wenge timber and is available patterned in three bright colours: red, yellow or turquoise, to nod to the city's famous festivities.

Bellevue: Berlin Inspired porcelain by VitrA

Bolshoi represents Moscow, and is inspired by bright white, beige and caramel marble, while Berlin's industrial aesthetic has led to Bellevue, which combines a metallic glazed surface with the patina of aged wood, and Rome's stone beauty has sparked Trevi, an elegant porcelain that works well with coloured tiles.

Trevi: Rome Inspired porcelain by VitrA