The Grantchester Pottery

Monday, 2 September 2013

Decorative arts company The Grantchester Pottery creates decorative functional objects, wallcoverings and textiles made collectively between artists and makers.

The founders of the company, Phil Root and Giles Round, exchange ideas and processes with craftsmen and art studios Rebel Arts Centre, Hammer Prints & Atelier Martine. Items are passed from artist to artist throughout production - form executed by one artist, pattern applied by another, and firing by another.

The creator of the item remains ambiguous, with The Grantchester Pottery emblem stamped beneath as opposed to the individual maker. All items have an expressive hand-made quality, with printed wallpaper and fabric room dividers decorated with large figurative paintings.

The coffee service is made using the slab technique, where flat surfaces of stoneware are manipulated into shape. Colour is at the forefront, with chalky pastels worked with popping brights and black and textiles in rich sunbaked tones.