MoOD 2013: technology and upcycling

Friday, 13 September 2013

Reeve Massey at MoOD 2013

Thinking textiles and fabrics made from recycled and re-purposed materials were the key trends presented at this year's MoOD’s innovation platform.

Thinking Textiles: Designers are exploring new technologies that push the capabilities of fabrics, creating smart materials that are reactive, responding to light, heat and moisture. When Kristine Bjadaal’s inventive tablecloth gets wet a secret pattern emerges, creating something beautiful from those accidental spillages, while Bekaert Textiles presents a fabric that responds to changes in temperature and accordingly adjusts the moisture evaporation, providing a cooling effect when necessary - ideal for bedding and pillows.

Bekaert Textiles at MoOD 2013

Ettlin's fabric incorporates LEDs for an optical effect. Its malleable properties make it ideal to shape into decorative structures and installations.

Ettlin at MoOd 2013

Recycled and Re-Purposed Materials: In a quest for sustainability, designers are recycling waste fibres (see Reeve Massey’s knitted piece) and re-purposing materials to bring new qualities and properties to fabrics.

Nelen & Delbeke at MOod 2013

Nelen & Delbeke combine wool with thick rubber wire in the weft (the same as used for care tyres) making it very strong and enabling it to be used as a self-supporting fabric while retaining the beauty and handle of the wool.

Likewise Papilio’s recycled outer tubes create a new industrial style rug that's suitable for outdoor use.

Papilio at MoOD 2013

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