Loose Thread by Okay Studio & Friends

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Shai Akram

London-based design collective Okay Studio invited a group of their friends and fellow designers to exhibit in Mod_ular Blanc, Ben Sherman's gallery space, during the London Design Festival this month.

The show's title, Loose Thread, is reflected in pieces that explore nut and screw mechanisms, clothing-inspired details, and ideas of balance.

Ed Swan

Ed Swan

Many of the pieces have a playful twist: Ed Swan's lamp, A Fine Line, has a ninety-degree section removed to expose the coloured fabric cable running through its stem, while Peter Marigold's Ball O String Lamp will become smaller and smaller as its used, leaving behind a hollow shell.

Peter Marigold

Liliana Ovalle

Liliana Ovalle's Cumulo glassware is printed with geometric patterns, which create optical effects when layered together. Mathias Hahn's Louche carafe and glass set uses opaline glass to create a milky finish. The name refers to the moment when water is added to absinthe, causing it to cloud over.

Mathias Hahn

Jordi Canudas's Uplight Down pendant lamp is designed especially for LEDs, diffusing the light by reflecting it over a textured surface, while Shai Akram's Fold Light uses one fold to transform a sheet steel surface into a functioning product.

Jordi Canudas
Shai Akram

Andrew Haythornthwaite

Andrew Haythornthwaite's floor lamp, Cannonball, explores primary principles of balance, weighted by spheres at its base; Hunting & Narud's wall-mounted mirror, Rise & Shine, is similarly counterbalanced by a solid brass weight.

Hunting & Narud

Hiroko Shiratori
Roger Arquer
Jorre Van Ast
Study O Portable