Lee Broom launches Electra House

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Photo by James Harris
Lee Broom will open his first retail space, Electra House, in Shoreditch today. The showroom will be filled with new pieces, including an upholstery collection called Quilt, a collection of glass candlesticks called Fulcrum and a light fitting called Carousel.

Carousel by Lee Broom. Photo by Marcus Peel
Carousel is a contemporary light fitting, finished in a polished gunmetal, inspired by the Merry Go Rounds found at British fairgrounds.

Fulcrum by Lee Broom

Fulcrum is a two -piece collection of sculptural candlesticks made from solid optical crystal with brightly coloured bases.

OLO light and Crystal bulb by Lee Broom. Photo by Marcus Peel
The three pieces in Quilt include a footstool, armchair and sofa which draw inspiration from the geometric style and quilting process used for classic Christian Dior and Chanel luggage.