Generation Modification: Materials for 2050

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Photo courtesy of Shamees Aden

Curated by materials expert Chris Lefteri, Generation Modification will include materials displays and talks by the designers who are developing the materials of tomorrow. The event will include new materials developed from crab shell and milk protein, developments in synthetic biology and a 'living' material called Protocells.

Milk of Human Kindness by Masami Lavault

Speakers will include Jeongwon Ji, whose Bio Electric project we featured this summer; synthetic biologist Carole Collet; Masami Lavault; and Shamees Aden.

Synthetic Materials, Organic Hierarchies by Sarat Babu

Generation Modification takes place at the Roca London Gallery on Thursday 19th September. RSVP here.

Protocells by Shamees Aden

Bio Electric by Jeongwon Ji

Biolace by Carole Collet