Fruit Ninja: a peeled homewares collection

Monday, 9 September 2013

The texture and look of fruit peel has been made into a series of home accessories by Italian duo Mathery (Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli) in their project, Fruit Ninja. The series of four pieces - Orange Jar, Avocado Vase, Banana Bowl and Rock Melon Coaster - transforms the short life of fruit peel into a long-life container's natural texture.

Every object is a unique resin reproduction of a model made from fruit peel. The production of the mould has to be as fast as possible to maintain the freshness and texture of the peel. The fruit used was carefully selected for its vibrancy and tactility at dozens of fruit markets, then cut into geometric shapes and reassembled as an object.

Fruit Ninja is handmade in Melbourne. Read about another interiors project inspired by fruit and vegetables, Graft by Qiyun Deng, here.