Awfully Nice by Calum Middleton

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Chocolate & Acai Berry Flavour and Manuka Honey & Ginger Flavour

This ice cream packaging concept by Calum Middleton is inspired by homemade jam jars and exotic foods from the East.

Mint Choc Chip & Spiruline Flabour and Vanilla & Baobab Flavour
Middleton combines favorite flavours from the West with exotic fruits such as baobab, acai berries and super food spirulina. The individual fabrics covering the lids double up as napkins and are each printed with hand-drawn illustrations in colours reflecting the flavour of the ice cream.

Fabric wrapped lids

The aim of the project was to create an indulgent premium food product with a healthy identity.

Acai and Chocolate Fabric
The simple geometric shapes and bright colours of typical Brazilian patterns inspire the Acai & Chocolate ice cream’s stripe design.

Mint Choc Chip and Spirulina fabric
Textiles from India influence the pattern for Mint Choc Chip and Spirulina.

Manuka Honey and Ginger fabric
Manuka Honey and Ginger references finger painted dots of Aboriginal paintings while Vanilla and Baobab's packaging takes inspiration from African pottery.

Vanilla and Baobab fabric