Archaïc Future at Designers Days

Monday, 10 June 2013

Autarchy bowl set by Formafantasma
Journalist and sociologist Yves Mirande curated an exhibition called Archaïc Future at this year's edition of Designers Days in Paris.

Whether in Italy, Iceland, Holland, Brazil or Portugal, designers throughout the world are drawing much inspiration from primitive forms and materials. The aim of the exhibition is to show that there is a possibility of going back to natural materials without breaking away from the digital and technological world we live in.

Craftica water container by Forma Fantasma
This trend was also present in Milan earlier this year. Homebuildlife subscribers can read our analysis here, and read our S/S15 macrotrend History 2.0 here.

Vases, carafes and boxes by Andrea Branzi
Bichos lamp by Martinho Pita
Anomaly stool by Front for Moroso
Hrefna, the Iceland whale bone project, by Thibault Penyen, ECAL

Electric whisk by Delo Lindo for Seb

Darwin nutcracker by Simon Hasan