Jardins, Jardin's 10th anniversary

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Invert d'H20 by Alexandre Perrusson, Nicolas de Brignac and Frédéric Sérano
Ideas such as micro-gardens, green architecture or urban agriculture will be at the centre of this year's edition of Parisian outdoor exhibition Jardins, Jardin. Nature within the city is now a social demand but what place can we make for it? How can we invest facades, roofs and public spaces? These are some of the questions brands and designers will be invited to answer, to invent the green cities of tomorrow.

A terrasse inspired by Lenôtre by Bourgogne Création Paysage

Twenty gardens, patios and balconies will be created by landscape and garden designers, while the outdoor design Village will bring together outdoor specialists into a giant pop-up store.

Students and professionals will also present ground-breaking projects exploring ways to invent a new urban nature, as part of the annual Contest for Innovation. This year's winner is urban artist Paule Kingleur, who created a container out of recycled materials, which can be fitted onto balconies, road barriers and public bikes, to grow vegetables and flowers.

Dadagreen by Paule Kingleur for Paris Label
Other highlights will include a public bench equipped with a greenhouse; a light fitting in which to plant aromatic herbs for cooking; mobile vegetable gardens that can be placed in any small space, including a city balcony; a shelving unit able to receive any type of potted plant; and a landscaping project for the city of Dunkerque complete with floating gardens.

Jardins, Jardin will run from May 31st to June 2nd, at the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.

City bench with vegetables in a greenhouse by Loïc Gestin Architectes

Klorofyll by Eugénie Pfeyl and Thibault Delefortrie

Pathway with floating gardens for Dunkerque by Sanne Van den Breemer, Ingrid Petit, Edward Schuurmans and Rob Wesselink

Squared vegetable gardens by Planteur des villes

Vegetagere by Frédéric Malphettes