Inkiostro Bianco: artistic wall coverings

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Skull by Saturno Buttò
Italian conpany Inkiostro Bianco made its debut at Milan Design Week, introducing a new way of approaching and designing wall decoration. The brand's customisable collection combines the quality of hand-painted pictorial drawings with the potential of today's digital printing technology. The results aim to bring fantasy worlds and surreal scenery into contemporary urban interiors.  

Giuditta by Saturno Buttò
Known for his neo-Gothic style, artist Saturno Buttò has designed a provocative collection for the brand, while Nicoletta Ceccoli populates the walls with her surrealist fairies.

Corvi by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Flora by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Sheryl by Nicoletta Ceccoli
Gargoyle by Inkiostro Bianco

Glory by Inkiostro Bianco

Inlay by Inkiostro Bianco