Il Piatto Forte at Fornasetti:
the special dish

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Piero Fornasetti’s centenary celebrations continue in June with the exhibition Il Piatto Forte, which runs 13th June - 14th September at Spazio Fornasetti, Milan, and focuses on the Italian luxury brand's famous plates.

The Italian idiom that forms the exhibition's title points out that the plate is Fornasetti’s "special dish" - one of his most iconic creations. In the exhibition, original colour guides will be displayed alongside the end products so that visitors can see how closely Fornasetti's vision is followed in production.

At the end of their visit, guests can vote for their favourite plate set, with the most popular set to be reintroduced to production after the exhibition ends.

Fornasetti was fond of table sets and loved to use them as installations during exhibitions and events. They were also a pretext for involving other artists, poets, intellectuals, artisans and friends in his shows.

One of the best remembered of these installations was called Giornali (newspapers) and was set up at the Terrazza Martini in Piazza Diaz, Milan - a panoramic site frequented by the city's artists and intellectuals.

Giornali installation by Piero Fornasetti