Mineral Design at Le Lieu du Design

Friday, 26 April 2013

Porcelain fabric by Christelle Familiari
Curated by Le Lieu du Design, new exhibition Mineral Design explores a range of industrial, decorative, useful and playful objects made out of glass and ceramic. Designers involved include Ron Arad, David Lynch, Martin Szekely and Ingo Maurer, as well as younger talents such as students from renowned Swiss design school ECAL. 

Architectural tiles by Fauvel-Normandy Ceramics and Adrien De Melo

Highlights from the show include French designer Christelle Familiari's fabric, made out of millions of tiny enameled porcelain links; Non Sans Raison's innovative wall display; and Frédéric Borel's system of scales, which can be articulated to follow the contours of almost any architecture.

Ceramic Network by Frédéric Borel
Ceramic producer Fauvel developed a process allowing the creation of relief ceramics, adapted to an application on walls, while Benjamin Graindorge designed a lamp made of hundreds of glass beads. 

Wall plates by Non Sans Raison

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert blew a glass piece looking like a soft fruit; and Mathieu Mercier created a telephone out of ceramic, inspired by the aesthetic of the 1920s.

Architectural tiles by Fauvel-Normandy Ceramics and Adrien de Melo

As well as helping manufacturers adapt to evolving economic contexts, Le Lieu du Design also aims to promote the industrial and hand-crafted French savoir-faire - hence the exhibition.

Morningmist by Benjamin Graindorge

Mineral Design will run from 25 April - 6 July at Le Lieu du Design in Paris.

Fruit de l'esprit by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Telephone by Mathieu Mercier