The Lifescape Collection by Minotti

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Alison Iroko Outdoor 

For the first time, Italian furniture manufacturer Minotti has introduced outdoor living within the new Lifescape collection. Furniture made from high quality, waterproof materials that can also be brought indoors reflects the contemporary elegance of the brand.

Alison Iroko Outdoor 

Textures overlap with lacquered, wooden and canvas like fabrics pulled together with a monochrome colour palette. Our favourite items were the abstract Cesar side tables, and the Cortina Armchair which can be used outdoors and in.

Bellagio Outdoor 

Accompanying the collection in the London showroom today was a range of artworks by contemporary artists Graham Bannister, Claire Burke, Eleonore Pironneau and Sanne Tang, provided by arts agency Katherine Maginnis Limited.

Cesar Outdoor 

Cortina Armchair Outdoor 

Claydon Outdoor