The Institute of Making: grand opening

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cross-disciplinary material research club The Institute of Making held its first public open day last weekend to celebrate its grand opening.

The workshop space is hosted by UCL and membership is currently for students and staff of the university only, but it will be staging regular open days and special events where members of the public can explore its material archive and get involved in workshop sessions.

This first open day saw visitors playing with putty that responds to impact, and carving their own moulds for cuttlefish casting using pewter.

An upstairs space hosts a MakerBot 3D printer and a set of sewing machines, while downstairs contains a versatile workshop space, meeting area and interactive gallery containing dozens of bottles of material and chemical samples collected by founders Zoe Laughlin, Mark Miodownik and Martin Conreen.

Find out more about the organisation and its wonder materials in our previous post, The Institute of Making at Soho House.