Optical illusion chairs by Ibride

Thursday 28 February 2013

French design studio Ibride has released a collection of surrealist chairs that confuse and confound the viewer. While they appear borderline absurd, they are actually very simply inverted: the seat initially perceived is not the one that is actually meant to be sat on.

The Hidden Shaker by Ibride - Front
Seen from an angle, each chair seems absolutely normal, if a little wonky, but when one moves around it, the lines break, bearings are blurred and backrest, armrests and seat suddenly move into one other. Senses are confused and the chair is turned into a complex sculptural object.

The Hidden Shaker by Ibride - Back
Homebuildlife subscribers can see more uses of optical illusion in design in our report on Optical Pattern.

The Hidden Terence by Ibride - Front

The Hidden Terence by Ibride - Back