Architecture to be loved at villa Noailles

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Manuel Aires Mateus, EDP head office, Lisbon, Portugal, in progress. © Manuel Aires Mateus 
The villa Noailles center for the arts, in southern France, will soon open its new exhibition To Love, To Love, To Love: To Build. In celebration of the tenth year of its architecture exhibitions, villa Noailles has invited ten renowned architects to give a personal interpretation of their production, past, present and future. 

Fran Silvestre, House on the cliff, Calpe, Alicante, Spain, 2009. © Fernando Alta 
 The show will therefore be divided into three categories: Yesterday: I would have lovedshowing projects that have remained at the stage of sketches and referring to the high number of unbuilt ideas in the life of an architect; Today: I lovepresenting the architects' favourite work; and Tomorrow: I will lovefocusing on what project they would currently like to build.

Peter Cody, Collective housing in Athens, Greece, 2007. © Peter Cody 

The exhibition will run from 10th February to 24th March.