Heimtextil 2013 Trend Forum

Friday, 11 January 2013

The Eccentric: Heimtextil 2013 Trend Forum

Addressing the growing trend for our living spaces to reflect our identity and individual lifestyles, textile trade fair Heimtextil’s Trend Forum presented four different personalities to illustrate the trends for 2013/2014: The Geologist, The Historian, The Eccentric, and The Inventor.

The Geologist: a strong interest in science and nature inspires a range of fabrics that combine natural fibres with crystalline effects, as well as textiles that imitate geological textures, such as marbling and precious imperfections.

The Geologist: Heimtextil 2013 Trend Forum
The Historian: a love of history and classicalism sees a rejoicing in the splendour of historical wallpapers, rich decorative jacquards and noble textiles.

The Historian: Heimtextil 2013 Trend Forum
The Eccentric: a collector of arts and crafts who eclectically mixes their finds to create a quirky and decorative look.

The Inventor: experimental and fun, bright and primary colours are combined with rubber and latex, as well as playful patterns and spirited mark making to create a fresh and modern aesthetic.

The Inventor: Heimtextil 2013 Trend Forum
Heimtextil runs until tomorrow and our full coverage will be available for subscribers on January 22.