For everything there is a season:
Annelys de Vet for Droog

Monday, 26 November 2012

Designed by graphic designer Annelys de Vet for Droog, this calendar-style tea towel set combines traditional Dutch chequered patterns with narratives relating to seasonal traditions or statistics, providing one for each month of the year.

January: Caring to help

Each month's edition is associated with a specific cultural, botanical or historical event, with words and shapes arranged into different patterns to represent the information. The tea towels are made of 100% bio-cotton and retail for €16.50 each.
February: Water management devices
March: Biodiversity 

April: Turbulent weather conditions 
May: Breeding birds 
June: Reed culture
July: Top immigration countries
August: Summer Festivals
September: Apple and potato harvest
October: Sugar beet campaign

November: Returning markets 

December: Multicultural spices