Live from Manila Fame

Friday, 19 October 2012

Stanley Ruiz at Manila Fame 2012

Riding the wave of a flourishing economy and galvanised by a host of fresh, new design talent, the October edition of the Philippines’ largest design trade show opens with a bang. This edition sees the influx of emerging Filipino designers honed abroad who marry global aesthetics and experience with local crafts and materials.

Inigo Elizalde at Manila Fame 2012
One strong trend to emerge is colorful geometric patterns. Dazzling technicolor creations abound made from materials as varied as textiles, coconut beads, ceramic, shell and polyethylene.

Inigo Elizalde at Manila Fame 2012

Shell Arts Company at Manila Fame 2012

This season's show runs until 20 October. Our full coverage of Manila Fame will be available by the end of next week for subscribers.