Live from BIG+BIH

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Designers Field at BIG+BIH October 2012

New products showcased at this month's Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair reference a wide range of style trends and movements.

The utility/Shaker vibe is seen in simple, ergonomic designs including colour-washed, stick-back, Windsor chairs, ladder hooks and rails in earthy tones and honest materials such as wood, canvas, paper and leather.

Hyena at BIG+BIH October 2012

Ayodhya at BIG+BIH October 2012

Sculptural organic forms are seen in both woven pieces and ceramics. Furniture, textiles and lighting are made from natural bamboo, rattan, and other indigenous grasses, twisted paper and manmade fibres, while ceramic pots are inspired by woodland flora.

Korakot at BIG+BIH October 2012
Prempracha's Collection at BIG+BIH October 2012
Another key trend is the combination of wood and natural wood grain with another material or finish on the same item. Colour-dipped legs, glossy lacquered seats and bright, contrasted edges add interest to wooden chairs, stools, tables and case furniture. Wirework, marble, geometrics, plaids and photo-print are also dominant.

A.R. Parawood at BIG+BIH October 2012

Thinkk at Talent Thai Next at BIG+BIH October 2012

Key colour trends at the fair include tomato red, egg yolk yellow and a plethora of blues ranging from pale and dusky to indigo or midnight. Retro pastels are also in evidence across lighting, tabletop and kitchen ware whilst neon brights remain current, finding their expression by way of vibrant patterns as well as products offered in multiple, neon rainbow shades.

Whoop at BIG+BIH October 2012
This season's show runs until 21 October. Our full coverage of BIG+BIH will be available by the end of the month for subscribers.

SACICT at BIG+BIH October 2012