Craftslab: French-Japanese crafts

Monday, 15 October 2012

Wooden tableware by Oji & Design
Paris-based Craftslab promotes the beauty of handcrafted products from Japan and France, based on the expertise of Japanese founder Aya Iwata, who has lived in Paris for twenty years. Aya develops partnerships with and between artisans, designers and retailers, to source the best of Japanese or French creativity, from fashion to tableware.

Wooden toys by SyuRo
Metal boxes by SyuRo
Japanese brand SyuRo produces everyday objects in wood, brass, copper, or tin, handcrafted by local artisans in Japan. Its aim is "to create simple items that will someday become antiques, through traditional techniques that rely on human warmth and love, so that the final objects evoke art rather than industry". The sanded finishes of the wooden items are warm to the touch, and the metals used are chosen because of the way they will age.
Candle by SyuRo
Wooden boxes by Oji & Design
Japanese designer Oji & Design's wooden tableware (pictured above and top) is a range of products in simple shapes, which express harmony and comfort.

Iphoneskine by Modderne
Modderne is one of the few French brands to collaborate with Craftslab, and its style embraces Japanese culture. Its collection of telephone skins and urban accessories are clad in real wood adhesive veneers, from teak and zebrano to walnut and wengé. All products are made in Paris.