3D Print Show, London

Monday, 22 October 2012

Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
Taking advantage of the increased attention from mainstream business and media, London held its first trade show dedicated to 3D printing over the weekend. With a mixture of equipment manufacturers and designers exhibiting, the 3D Print Show offered visitors the opportunity to see how 3D printing works and how it could be relevant to their lives.

Colour 3D scanning, EuroPac
Throughout the show, there was an emphasis on the cost and ease-of-use of 3D printers themselves and the design opportunities and aesthetics the technology offers. One highlight was the NDA style of Matthew Plummer-Fernandez's resin printed objects, called Digital Natives, which are made by 3D scanning household objects and then manipulating their forms using algorithms.

David Van Ness
Read more about 3D printing in our series of reports: IntroductionInnovations, and Process & Materials. Full coverage and in-depth analysis of the show will be available to WGSN-homebuildlife subscribers from the middle of next week.