Steampunk inventions by Patrick Crofts

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Edison Lighter by Patrick Crofts

Graduate designer Patrick Crofts has created a collection of elaborate objects inspired by the Steampunk movement - an aesthetic melding of Victorian inventions with contemporary technologies, which first found popularity in the 1980s and is now undergoing a resurgence.

Jules Vernes' Writing Desk by Patrick Crofts

The objects, which were on show at New Designers in London last week, each pay homage to a Victorian inventor, philosopher or theorist - including Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison and Jules Verne.

The Viewing Machine by Patrick Crofts

Crofts says of the project, "Two key elements are combined; history and fantasy. Old and traditional materials and techniques are applied to new fantastical inventions. Mechanisms and functional processes of the designs are externally visible combining a mix of materials including brass, copper, wood and glass."

Victorian Telescope by Patrick Crofts

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