Stately Sandwiches by Kelly Pratt

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Stately Sandwiches by Kelly Pratt

Stately Sandwiches is a project created by design student Kelly Pratt who creates signature sandwiches that represent each American state. The sandwiches are photographed and then turned into posters which Kelly sells through the Stately Sandwiches online store.
New York sandwich served with plenty of Russian dressing
So far the project has covered 13 of the 50 states. "To me, making a good sandwich is an art form. And when they come with a pickle it's just the best." explains Kelly.

Connecticut Chicken Parmigiana sandwic
To make sure each sandwich is paying true homage to its state, Kelly researches the ingredients by calling local sandwich shops and asking food lovers via Twitter.

Louisiana Muffuletta sandwich
The Stately Sandwich website details the sandwich recipes alongside photos taken using Instagram that document the making process. Future sandwich suggestions can be tweeted or emailed to Kelly.

The posters are available in two sizes and are digitally printed on matte paper. The ingredients are listed at the bottom of each image.