My Japan: Donna Wilson

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sheltering from the Rain exhibition by Donna Wilson at Trico Gallery, Tokyo 

Award-winning British designer Donna Wilson has just completed a tour of Japan, exhibiting work in 14 cities. She shares the highlights of her trip with WGSN-homebuildlife - from the best dumplings in Tokyo to Wilbur's encounter with a chihuahua.

Donna Wilson x Ercol Chairs, Trico Gallery, Tokyo

What was your best night out in Tokyo?
We went with a Japanese friend to the oldest pub in Tokyo – well, the outskirts of Tokyo. It is in stark contrast to the new, slick, shiny Tokyo, but this fantastic place is due to be ripped down and rebuilt, sadly. It's called Iseya-Kichijoji and has the best dumplings I have ever tried!

Wilbur at Dogo Onsen Honkan, Matsuyama

What was your favourite shop?
Casa Gucca in Matsuyama is a boutique-style furniture and fashion shop spread over three floors. They stock our range and other nice things.

Wilbur meets a puppy at one of Japan's famous pet shops

What was the best market you visited?
The Tsukiji fish market is really amazing and worth the visit. You feel like you shouldn't be there. The workers just carry on with their business, zooming around in little trucks. It felt like being on a James Bond film set.

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