Craftica: Formafantasma & Fendi

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Formafantasma have created Craftica, a series of furniture and accessories which explores leather craft, using discarded material from Italian luxury house Fendi's production lines.

Salmon stool: Fendi discarded leather, vegetal tanned salmon skin, wood, and sea sponge. All photos by Luisa Zanzani

Pieces in the collection include spoons made from scallop shells, glass pendant lamps hung from leather strips, water containers made from cow bladders, and a work table weighted on either side by marble cylinders.

Perch stool: Vegetal tanned perch skin, lime wood and brass label

Formafantasma selected a range of leathers for the project, including Fendi's in-house materials as well as leather processed using chemicals from tree bark, cork leather extracted from cork trees, and a leather made from leftover fish skins discarded by the food industry.

Protective masks: Discarded Fendi leather and scallop shells

Alongside the tools, furniture and accessories, a series of 28 drawings developed in collaboration with illustrator Fracesco Zorzi will also be shown, each hand-drawn onto goat skin parchment.

Bells-lights: Discarded Fendi leather, glass, leather-covered hooks and electric wire

The project will be shown at Design Miami/Basel 2012 from 12 - 17 June 2012 at Messe Basel, Switzerland.

Exhibition view of Craftica
During the event, Formafantasma will work with Fendi's in-house craftsmen to continue to add new pieces to the show.

Desk and water containers
Room divider: Discarded Fendi leather, oxidized brass, marble weights and leather-coverd hooks
Brush and knife: Vegetal tanned boar fur, boar bristles, vegetal tanned cow leather and cow bone
Jar: Mouth blown glass on a cow bone and cow leather
Perch fish hot water bag: Vegetal tanned perch skin, glass and brass
Water containers: Cow bladders, glass, brass and cork
Detail from room divider
Drawings on parchment
Scallop spoons
Detail of scallop spoon
Detail of bells lights
Workshop samples