Avram Rusu Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Confetti lighting

Andreea Avram Rusu, founder of Brooklyn, NY-based Avram Rusu Studio, has designed the limited edition Paravent Folding Screen that is inspired by Art Deco craft and Optical Art sensibility. It features six ombre, lacquered panels that run from cream to grey tones and is an elegant way to divide space. Paravent’s heirloom quality design emphasizes its modern interpretation of the older luxury world. The process of reorganizing space, functionality, and the over-all appearance of the screen are essential to Rusu when designing.

Paravent folding screen

Confetti lighting

Not only does she explore these aspects through furniture but also lighting. Rusu’s Confetti lighting collection is a solution to transforming dull spaces and is created to evoke an exuberant explosion of confetti. Each fixture is composed of brass and hand blown glass discs that are available in a variety of color palettes, and are customized with sparkling Swarovski crystals.