Fendi brings leather into the kitchen

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Villa Livia, Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina

Italian luxury brand Fendi launched its first kitchen concept at EuroCucina last month, in partnership with Scic. Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina is described as a continuum between kitchen and living space, and brings new materials into the kitchen - from ebony and acacia wood to crocodile-printed leather.

Villa Giulia, Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina

In each part of the collection, the kitchen elements can be discreetly modified and hidden to transform the space into a versatile and open living environment. The brand's signature Fs form the handle shape for cupboard doors, while stone walls, ice glass worktops and leather-covered shelves further add to the sense of luxury.

Villa Ada, Fendi Casa Ambiente Cucina
The collection is designed for contract and residential use, and comprises three different kitchen solutions called Villa Giulia, Villa Livia and Villa Ada.