Raw Color celebrate Martin Creed's Sketch make-over

Monday, 19 March 2012

Coconut, Beetroot and Olive by Raw Color

Dutch design studio Raw Color was commissioned by London based website Nowness to create a series of graphic still lifes to celebrate the opening of Martin Creed’s revamp of London's Sketch restaurant. The resulting works show the ingredients of dishes from the restaurant’s new menu artistically reassembled into a bold still life series.

Dundee Pinky by Raw Color

Turner prize-winning artist Martin Creed transformed the restaurant's interiors, hand picking every table, chair and piece of cutlery, as well as putting forward ideas for the new menu. Sketch co-founder and Michelin-star chef Pierre Gagnaire named two new dishes after the artist: Navet Martin Creed and Dundee Pinky.

Goatcheese & Parmesan by Raw Color

Raw Color set out to interpret the overhaul playfully, whilst still maintaining the essence of the new menu and interiors. “The cooking side of the project was harder to translate into our own visual language,” says Christoph Brach, one half of Raw Color with Daniera ter Haar. “But looking at Creed and his approach to projects, how he organises things, stacking from big to small, we knew we could take the ingredients and do something similar with them.”

Coconut, Squidink & Olive by Raw Color
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Lobster & Squidink by Raw Color

Navet Martin Creed by Raw Color

Foiegras, Pastry & Sesame Seeds by Raw Color

Apple, Chili & Raddish by Raw Color

Spring Onion & Celery by Raw Color