Materica by Fedrigoni: eco-luxe papers

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Italian specialist brand Fedrigoni is renowned for its fine papers, which it manufactures for printing, publishing, labelling, bookbinding, packaging, security systems, and even for use as currency. Founded in 1717, the company has a long history of market leadership - and is now launching a luxurious new line of paper called Materica.

Materica is available in three weights, and is made of long, FSC-certified cellulose fibers that are resistant to wrinkles. Designed for use in packaging, it has a natural and tactile feel that Fedrigoni has described as "eco-chic".
The product is available in seven natural colours, and is free of additives, paints, plastic coatings, and de-inking or bleaching treatments. This eco-friendly focus is a continuation of the brand's committed environmental policy, in place since the 1950s.
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