Live from Manila Fame

Monday, 19 March 2012

Manila Fame, March 201
For the second time, the Philippines brings four national trade shows under one roof: Manila Fame, Manila Now, Cebu Next and Bijoux Cebu, offering a wide selection of furniture, furnishings, holiday, gifts and fashion. With the theme ‘Beyond Artisanship’, the event is part-curated by established Filipino designers Budji Layug, Kenneth Cobonpue and Josie Natori.
Top three trends

Obra Cebuana Inc. at Manila Fame March 2012

Paradiso: Portraying a dream place for escape, the Paradiso trend is inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean sun and sea; resident bougainvillea, sunflowers, striped espadrilles, Sicilian tiles, checkered bistro sets, hand-painted tableware, and modelling fish and flower illustrations. Prominent materials include mactan stone, coco beads and recycled resin and wood chip.

Rivera Clay Phils. Inc. at Manila Fame March 2012

Stone Age: Adopting a minimalist approach with clean and sensual lines, dynamic statement pieces with a thematic vision are created with a sophisticated colour palette of peridot, aquamarine and amethyst. Materials include snake skin mixed with abaca, Gmelina and river rock-in-resin.

South Sea at Manila Fame March 2012

Tribal Fusion: Motivated by a growing appreciation for native craftsmanship, Tribal Fusion’s signature prints and patterns honour nature and history, taking cues from tribal weaves and animal life. Repurposed wood, raffia, tiger wood, Ginit (from coconut), fish skin, leather, vine-in-resin and banana leaf are found in earth-warm colours.

Top three exhibitors

Ito Kish at Manila Fame March 2012

Designer Ito Kish is inspired by all things Filipino, paying special attention to local materials and craftsmanship.

Ito Kish at Manila Fame March 2012

Key direction: Revisiting Filipino balusters (window shutter pillars) to craft furniture pieces.

Costa del Sul at Manila Fame March 2012

Costa del Sul is a specialist in ecological wooden furniture repurposed from former houses, window shutters, boats and palettes.

Costa del Sul at Manila Fame March 2012
Key direction: Storage units in child-friendly pastel washes.

Hive at Manila Fame March 2012
Hive is a collective of designers and artisans producing lighting and home accessories under the art direction of renowned Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue.

Hive at Manila Fame March 2012
Key direction: Innovative handmade production techniques and organic materials.