In Wonderland

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ajisai and Rosa by Lin Ching Man
Not wanting to be slaves to standardised children stories - where princesses are saved by Prince Charming, the fairy god mother makes dreams come true, and life is lived happily ever after - Chinese artists Lin Ching Man and To Hok Ming have stepped out of fantasy to bravely face reality in their joint art exhibition In Wonderland.

Luscious Apple by Li Ching Man
Exploring the concern of using fantasies as a way of educating children and how future generations, moulded by fairy tales, will survive harsh realities, In Wonderland is currently showing at A-Lift, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen, China until 18th April 2012.
The Maze and What Time Is It? by To Hok Ming

Cheshire Cat and The Caterpillar by To Hok Ming
The White Rabbit and Drink Me by To Hok Ming
Falling and Tea Party by To Hok Ming
The concept is similar our previous post on minimalist posters of children’s stories by Christian Jackson, which bring out the underlying darkness present in fairytales. WGSN-homebuildlife subscribers can access more arts and culture inspiration here.