Capsule Celebrations: A party in a box

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Party In A Box by Amanda Jane Jones

Gifting children with party favours in bags or boxes is a tradition which has added fun to parties and events for generations - now, however, the product has emerged for grown-ups too. From going away parties to engagements, hosts can provide capsule celebrations as invites or during the event itself.

Party Box via You Are My Fave
Giving a party in a box can be a way of extending the theme of a party, by filling it with accessories which are appropriate. If the party is a simple affair, boxes can be filled with a minature bottle of wine and a streamer. Hosts can also use one larger box as a centrepiece for guests to dip in to throughout the event.

New Year's Party In a Box by Dandee Designs
Founded in 2011, Life's A Celebration specialises in creating boxed up parties tailored to each client's specific requirements. Designers are also now creating take-home gifts to extend the party, or to recreate the experience for those unable to attend. For more party decor inspiration, subscribers can read our Handmade Decor report here.

Forest Campout Box by Ruby Ju via Sweet Designs

Gable Boxes at Party Accessories

Party In A Box by Amanda Jane Jones
Throw A Party Kit via The Salty Pineapple

Christmas In A Jar via Happiness Is...