HBL Book of the Week: A Visual Inventory by John Pawson

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Angkor Wat, Cambodia (January 2011) by John Pawson; image via Phaidon

British architect John Pawson has written a new book for Phaidon, due out next month. Called A Visual Inventory, the book is a compilation of 272 photographs selected by Pawson from his personal archive - intended to act as a source guide for inspiration.

Sample pages from A Visual Inventory by John Pawson, via Phaidon
Each photo is captioned by the author, giving readers a chance to see the world from Pawson's famously thoughtful point of view; together the collection explores colour, texture, form, detail, atmosphere and context.

A Visual Inventory follows a number of previous Pawson books for Phaidon, including Minimum, a critically-acclaimed guide to the Minimalist aesthetic published in 1996.