Fashion or design? Drumbox by Diesel with Foscarini

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The alliance between fashion and design is a fascinating mark of our times, and among the most established brands on this front are Diesel and Foscarini. Their latest collaboration, the Drumbox lamp, is one of the most interesting outcomes so far, as it expresses the character of both Italian companies well.

Drumbox is inspired by photo sets and combines the edgy, youthful Diesel aesthetic with Foscarini's high skills in creative lighting. The materials for the construction of this lamp are hi-tech: coated linen and nylon rip-stop.

The different versions - floor, swing or hooking lamp - exist in two varieties: white with fluorescent yellow contrast stitching for a very bright result, or grey, designed to obtain a more concentrated beam of light, in contrast with the fabric.

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